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Feleletválasztós teszt 1.

(Horváth Miklós. Nagy Origo Nyelvvizsgakönyv. Lexika Kiadó. Székesfehérvár. 2012.)

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1. It was ... party.
A) such good
B) a so good
C) so a good
D) such a good

2. A lot of beautiful monuments ... in my city.
A) can be found
B) can be founded
C) could be fined
D) could be founded

3. Who ... you to school when you were a schoolboy?
A) took
B) did you took
C) did take
D) did you take

4. ... some terribly cold winters in the past few years.
A) There has been
B) There have been
C) It has been
D) It have been

5. I can never remember ... names but I usually remember ... faces.
A) the ... -
B) - ... -
C) - ... the
D) the ... the

6. If you had listened carefully, you ... what was going on.
A) had understood
B) would understood
C) would have understand
D) 'd have understood

7. I ... the house since you ... to watch TV.
A) have been cleaning ... started
B) clean ... have started
C) clean ... started
D) have been cleaning ... have started

8. It's too bad we will not get there on time. We ... earlier.
A) ought to have left
B) could leave
C) should left
D) should have to leave

9. Do you think it is too late for a boy ... to start studying a language?
A) of 16
B) age 16
C) at age of 16
D) aged at 16 years

10. She speaks ... languages. She would make an excellent guide.
A) a number
B) quite a few
C) few
D) more

11. Unfortunately I didn't her her ... .
A) that she was singing
B) singing
C) while she sang
D) to sing

12. He wanted to know ... stay.
A) how long I was going to
B) how long was I going to
C) how long time was I going to
D) how long time I was going to

13. She did answer the phone but in two seconds she simply ... .
A) put it up
B) put down
C) hung up
D) hung down

14. Can you afford ... that much every day?
A) having spent
B) spending
C) to spend
D) spend

15. Just when I was about to leave, the floor ... to shake.
A) has begun
B) began
C) was beginning
D) had begun

16. He came too late, ... made me upset.
A) what
B) that
C) -
D) which

17. They're said ... very good students.
A) have been
B) that they were
C) to be
D) that they are

18. I am sure I can run ... than you.
A) much more faster
B) more faster
C) much faster
D) much more fast

19. When she was only 20 she already had ... own house.
A) an
B) -
C) her
D) the

20. I've only ... about him.
A) a few informations
B) few information
C) little information
D) a little information















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