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We can make difference between three kinds of holidays: public holidays, religious holidays and family celebrations.

Public Holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • March 15
  • May 1
  • August 20
  • October 23

New Year's Eve:
This is the night, when people stay up until after midnight to welcome the New Year. Some people usually go to parties and dance or play games. At midnight, we sing the National Anthem, clink glasses and drink champagne. Other people make New Year's resolutions.

March 15:
In Hungary, we celebrate it because it is in connection with the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49. We commemorate the heroes who rose up against the Habsburg rule in Hungary. Unfortunately, it was put down and Hungary could not gain freedom.

May 1:
It is the International Labour Day and the anniversary of Hungary joining the European Union. People do not go to work on this day.

August 20:
On the 20th of August we celebrate our first king Stephen I. The foundation of our state is commemorated on this day. There are a lot of parties all over the country and people can enjoy spectacular fireworks. This day is associated with the new bread after the harvest.

October 23:
We celebrate the Hungarian Republic and commemorate the outbrake of the 1956 Revolution. (Ovtober 6 - execution in Arad)


Religious Holidays:

  • All Saints' Day
  • Advent
  • Christmas
  • Easter

All Saints' Day:
In autumn we observe All Saints' Day and the Day of Dead which follows it. We go to the cemeteries and light candles to remember our loved. (Halloween is not a tradition in Hungary unlike in the U. S. A.

Advent starts four weeks before Christmas, but in some religions it starts six weeks before Christmas. We usually put a wreath on the table and light a  candle every Sunday. It is a long time, whenwe can prepare to Christmas.

According to some people, it can be the most important religious holiday because we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There are things that are very important at Christmas: Christmas tree, gingerbread, fish soup, candle, gifts. Some people go to the church and pray. In most families there are celebrations when relatives visit each other and have big meals, give and get gifts.

We celebrate the Resurrectio of Jesus Christ. That is the rising of Saviour from his tomb three days after his Crucifixion. I think this is the biggest religious festival because Jesus gave us hope and a better life with his Resurrection. On Easter Monday boys go to their female friends and sprinkle them with parfume. Girls give them some chocolate, in return. There is a connection with the Easter Bunny.


Family Festivals:

  • December 6
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Women's Day
  • Children's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Christening
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Nameday
  • Wedding anniversary

December 6:
It is the day when Santa Claus is coming and leave presents to good children in their boots. This is in connection with Saint Michael.

Valentine's Day:
This day is devoted to lovers (14 February). Couples buy presents to each other and celebrate their love. I do not think that it should be because people should love their partner every day, not just that day.

Mother's Day:
The first Sunday of May is Mother's Day. People give flowers and thanks to their mothers and grandmothers.

Women's Day:
8 May is the International Women's Day. On this day men give flowers to women.

Children's Day:
This is the last Sunday of May. It is obvious that children are celebrated on this day.

Father's Day:
As there is Mother's Day, there is Father's Day, too. We celebrate our father and grandfather on this day.

It is both a religious and family festival. The new-born baby is taken to the church and the priest pour water to the baby. It is the sign that she/he is in connection with the Religion.

If there is a couple who want to get married, they get married in the church and in the registry office. After the wedding ceremony there is a large reception.

Wedding Anniversary:
This is the day, when the couple commemorate the day of their wedding. It is so romantic.

We have birthday parties or family celebrations on the day of our birthday.

Everybody has a day when their name is celebrated. It is not a tradition everywhere.









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